Simmer Starters – August 22, 2015

August 22, 2015

Simmer Starters this week: laws of attraction, authorial jealousy, post-abortion testimonies, homeschooling ideals, and the power of mirth as a Christian apologetic.  Enjoy your weekend, friends!

For Couples, Time Can Upend the Laws of Attraction (NYTimes) – Doesn’t this perfectly prove that someone’s character is what makes them truly ugly or beautiful? 😉  “At the start of the semester, the students pretty much agreed on who in their class was most desirable. But when they were asked again three months later, after spending a semester in a small class together, their judgments varied widely on who was hot and who was not.”

The Dark Side of Realm Makers (Kristen Steiffel) – A great article about the jealousy most of us authors struggle with, when we see other authors around us having more success.  (I meant to share this one in last week’s Simmers but I forgot!)

Silent No More – This is a collection of testimonies from women who’ve had abortions.  There is a lot of heartbreak here, but these are important voices and we need to hear them.

From Idealistic Memories to Realistic Goals (Simple Homeschooling) – I really appreciated this article about having ideal memories of being homeschooled (I certainly do!) and the joyous, cheery vision it gave for making those memories into realistic goals.

The Absolutely Infallible Christian Apologetic (ScribblePreach) – Love this. “You think Mere Christianity convinced you by its logical rigor? False. Many people have made the same arguments, to little effect. Why? Because they can borrow the arguments, but they can’t capture the mirth. It wasn’t Lewis’s words that cast the spell on us – it was the twinkle in his eye.”

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