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About Me

My name is Bethany A. Jennings. I’m a YA fantasy author and freelance editor, and I believe that words have power.

They can create worlds, or destroy hearts. They can bring reconciliation, or set bridges ablaze.

All of life is a war waged with words.

And when you build them together into a story, you create something with the ability to pierce, transform, comfort, startle, and awaken.

I love to read and write about steadfast courage, daring sacrifices, and tenacious heroes who drive us to step out in courage and use our gifts to serve the world around us. I write about disaster and triumph, beauty, leaning into the pain, and fighting the good fight, even when it hurts, even when you feel there’s nothing of yourself left, even when all you can do is hold on and take blind steps in the darkness.

Because I believe words can cast down the darkness. Stories can sever the shadows.

My mind is teeming with vibrant characters demanding that their stories be told, and worlds I’m desperate to share with you.

Please, come in! – make yourself comfortable! – and let me tell you a story. 🙂

Author photo credits to Ashleigh Laureen Photography!

About My Books

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My Current Work-In-Progress

The Trusted (Book One of the Kraesinia Trilogy): A relentlessly hopeful teen is thrust into the heart of a desperately hopeless alien war.

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More About Me

Me (left) at around age 13, with one of the many binders full of story I kept over the years. (I’ve been writing almost as long as I can remember.)

I grew up in sunny California and was transplanted to snowy New Hampshire in my teens. Now I live happily there with my handsome, fair-haired husband and a tiny army of exuberant little humans (ages 8, 6, 5, and 4…yes, I am sleep deprived, why do you ask? 😉 ).

In addition to creating and recreating constructions of words, I love owls, the color purple, music, writing songs and poetry, composing, and inventing and eating delicious sandwiches. (I actually have a separate Instagram for those, over at @SandwichMaven!)

I also created and host the online writers’ event, #WIPjoy, and I work as acquisitions editor for the epic indie publishing house, Uncommon Universes Press.

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