No Separating Veil Between – A Poem by Bethany A. Jennings

September 11, 2014

I dabble in poetry from time to time, especially on Sundays when my prayers often overflow into verse during the Lord’s Supper.  I’ve been secretly itching to share one of my poems with you, and since I’m on vacation part of this week it felt like the perfect opportunity to do so, in lieu of a regular post.  I hope it blesses and edifies you!

No Separating Veil Between

I was a filthy wretch before;
My blood could never make me pure.
No sacrifice or offering
Could scour away the ugly stain.
My Savior died to take my place,
To bring me in the fold of grace. 

Now rest in Jesus Christ is found,
For I can lay my burden down.
No striving now to pay my debts,
For all my sin the Lord forgets.
It’s thrown as far as east from west;
In Jesus’ perfect love I rest. 

What awe I have that I can come
Into the throne room with the Son,
Where seraphim cry, “Holy be
To God the Three in One in Three!”
And there I stand, for I am clean,
No separating veil between. 

O Father God, you hear my cry –
I stand redeemed before Your eye.
The work is finished, every jot;
I’ve not a blemish, not a spot,
Because the blood of Christ is pure,
And Your lovingkindness sure.

– Written November 24, 2013, by Bethany A. Jennings

If you’d like to share this poem or re-post it online, please do so! – only link back to my blog and/or attribute it to me.  Thank you! 🙂


  1. Maybe *this* is how you should evangelize: with poetry! You could say, “Hold it right there while I recite!” 😛

    • Which is the opposite of any way I’d like to evangelize…hahaha.

  2. Hahahahaha. Give her a soapbox, people!
    No, in all seriousness, I think you are so good at evangelizing through poetry because you have all proper doctrine here, yet it’s powerful, poetic thought put in a deep way that you desire for sharing the gospel, and it’s a complete soulful message. 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I love it. Thank you for sharing it with us1

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