Simmer Starters – Feb. 27, 2015

February 27, 2015

Following Christ on Social Media: 15 Questions for Self-Examination (Kevin Halloran) – Great list of questions to ask ourselves about our social media use.

Why Things Often Don’t Make Sense (DesiringGod Blog) – Ohhhh, this is beautiful.  “And this is the most real story that exists, for this story is reality. All the characters involved are real. All the tragedies and comedies are real. The cosmic war is as real as it gets. The stakes are real, the risks are real, the dangers are real, the punishments are real and the rewards are real. The story is so creative that it is by definition creation; it is so imaginative that its images are real. All our stories, all our artistic endeavors are merely copies and shadows, pointers to or distortions of the Great Story, the Great Composition.”

Inviting Children Into the Prayer Closet (Your Mom Has a Blog) – This is a convicting reminder to me to pray more with and for my children!

Transcript from The Briefing, 02-26-15 (Al Mohler) – I often appreciate Al Mohler’s thoughts on the news and popular culture, and this is one of those cases.  There are lots of heavy thoughts here on the growing trend of euthanasia in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Laws of the Land (Annie Douglas Lima) – Just for some laughs, here is a list of laws 5th graders wrote for their invented countries. 😀

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