Character Haikus

September 7, 2015

A friend and fellow writer posted a challenge to my Facebook writer’s group – to write a haiku about one or more of your characters.  I had so much fun doing it that I wrote one for each significant character from my Kraesinia Trilogy.  I love them, so I’m excited to share. 😀

Kevin (main protagonist)
Soldier in secret
Fighting a war for his world
And his sister’s trust

Catherine (secondary protagonist, the sister)
Strange visions rise
She won’t rest until she knows
That she’s not insane

Thraunya (snarky teleporting station guard)
She wants to be strong
Like her hand made of metal
She hardens her heart

Josh and James (Kevin’s friends in the Trusted)
Bold and passionate
He serves others untiring
Yet hides vengeful heart

He calms the chaos
Brings healing to injuries
Steady and faithful

Lindsey (adorable klutz member of the Trusted)
Going down in flames
No one knows how she does it
But she’s still alive

Uryaldis (Kevin’s military teammate)
A sword at his hip
Cool and ready for battle
He lives for the fight

Sometime in the future I’ll have to share more for other projects!  It was a really fun challenge to summarize the characters or their story in just a few words.

Do you like haiku?  Do you have a favorite one?


  1. Love ’em!

    Okay, here’s a haiku for Shale:

    Deep, wounded, and lost
    He hopes for second chances
    But thinks demons win.

    And Blessing:

    All life is simple
    Tell her the truth, she’ll listen
    She’s stronger than you..

  2. I loved this and thought it might be nice to include in those front pages of a book.

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