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Facebook Page Giveaway

Hey, friends! I just wanted to let you know that I’m running a giveaway on my author page on Facebook! I decided to give away those hand-painted quote bookmarks there rather than on the blog. ūüôā The giveaway is open until 5 PM EST today (the 17th) so hurry over! Click the picture below to […]

Whom Shall I Fear? – When Doctor Who Gets It Wrong

I love¬†Doctor Who. ¬†The show is clever, and exciting, and funny, and full of interesting characters and worlds. ¬†It also has many beautiful quotes and messages that I appreciate, such as the inherent dignity of humankind, the value of each individual life, selfless sacrifice, courage, and the faithfulness of true love. That said, although the […]

The Secret Signature of the Soul

Any time I start to write a post and have to find a quote from C.S. Lewis, I end up spending forever browsing quotes from him online, because they are¬†all so good. This quote completely hijacked my blogging attempts for today, and made me start a whole new post about it: “You may have noticed […]

Why I Didn’t Always Love Jesus

When I was three years old, I hid inside a closet and prayed to “ask Jesus into my heart”, as they say. ¬†It’s probably my earliest memory. ¬†By the time I was ten, I recognized that my conversion had not included a confession of my sin or a desire for forgiveness, so I sought salvation […]

Thursday Ramblings – 2.16.2012

It has been a fortnight since I blogged! ¬†Oh, dear. ¬†I am going to skip the endless apologizing I always do, and go back to blogging (hopefully) as if it never happened… Reading This Week: No fiction. ¬†Lots of miscellaneous research. Writing This Week: My dystopian novel, Daik 11, is on rapid boil! ¬†Two weeks […]