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Pro-Lifers, Let’s Be an Unstoppable Owl Brigade

You know that scene in the first Harry Potter story, when Harry starts getting his letters from Hogwarts?  His aunt and uncle won’t let him keep or see any of the notes.  Each time one arrives they shred it, confiscate it, smash it, burn it in the fire. Until one day Owl Post bombards their […]

Funny Things on the Internet – Would Jesus LOL?

The other day I saw a BuzzFeed list of “Things to Make You Want to Burn Down the Internet.” It was full of jaw-dropping spelling and grammar mistakes, and shocking ignorance – like a person asking if the rain fell up in Australia since it’s on the bottom side of the earth. I got some […]

Whom Shall I Fear? – When Doctor Who Gets It Wrong

I love Doctor Who.  The show is clever, and exciting, and funny, and full of interesting characters and worlds.  It also has many beautiful quotes and messages that I appreciate, such as the inherent dignity of humankind, the value of each individual life, selfless sacrifice, courage, and the faithfulness of true love. That said, although the […]

Have We Forgotten the Monsters?

My three year old son is nervous about monsters. They frequently feature in the toddler TV shows he watches – not that real monsters are in the stories, but the characters often think there are monsters but are proven wrong.  So he knows they’re not real!  They aren’t even real in the shows he watches. […]

Why I Didn’t Always Love Jesus

When I was three years old, I hid inside a closet and prayed to “ask Jesus into my heart”, as they say.  It’s probably my earliest memory.  By the time I was ten, I recognized that my conversion had not included a confession of my sin or a desire for forgiveness, so I sought salvation […]