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Severed Veil Cover Reveal!!

September 28, 2018

I am over the moon excited to share this with you today. A cover reveal and a pre-order – because next month I am releasing a new book!

Severed Veil: Tales of Death and Dreams

A dream-traveling boy haunted by a broken girl. A cursed warrior, weary of bloodshed. A princess who battles dragons in an enchanted slumber. A treacherous graveyard in the stars.

From Bethany A. Jennings—author of Threadbare and Dragon Lyric—come twelve mesmerizing short works of poetry and prose that boldly pierce the shadows. Severed Veil contains a selection of fantasy, sci-fi, and poetry, including “Dreamskip,” the winner of an honorable mention from the Writers of the Future Contest in 2018.

Illustrated with ethereal pencil sketches by artist Julia Busko, these tales dance on the delicate rift between life and death, waking and dreams.

This cover was created by Magpie Designs Ltd. Isn’t it gorgeous?? She so beautifully captured the shadowy and luminous tones of this book, which is full of dark, fierce stories and poems I’ve pulled from the very depths of my heart.

Severed Veil will also contain illustrations by my talented friend Julia Busko, who did the cover for Dragon Lyric. Her work is a perfect fit for this collection! It’s fantastic to work with both of these artists again and to have their beautiful art be a part of this release.

Here’s a tiny glimpse of Julia’s concept sketches!

And here’s a little snippet of one of the stories inside…

Glass shatters somewhere at the other end of the house. The hair on the back of my neck stands on end. I hold my breath.

Then distant wailing. Pleading. A male voice growling back.

I creep out of the bush, dial nine-one-one, and shove the phone back in my pocket on mute. Every muscle in me is clenched in fear.

I try the rusty back doorknob. Unlocked.

Buzzing with nervous energy, I ease open the door and step into a hallway. Drops of blood stain the beige carpet. Harriet’s?

My throat tightens, but I keep moving. The sound of weeping grows louder with every step—and then the tinkle of broken glass scraping on kitchen tiles.

“Shut it, you,” the male voice mutters. Vicious. Threatening.

If only I had a weapon.

To find out what happens next, find the story “Dreamskip” in the collection when it comes out!

Severed Veil releases on October 27, 2018. But you can pre-order it or add it to your Goodreads list TODAY!

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Original Poem: “Blaze”

April 28, 2017

I can’t stop the story:

The movement,

The pain,

The dancing of visuals

Carved in my brain,

The eager compulsion,

That cry of my soul,

The frenzy,

The vision that’s burning a hole

In my mind.

I can’t shake it.

It’s mine, this I know—

My quest, not another’s,

For only I’m full

Of this racket,

This chaos,

This burdening fight

Of characters, stories

That scream for the light,

This rabbit hole,


That calls me to war

To fill barren pages

With worlds from my core—

And I fidget;

I bite

On my lip in the dark;

Am I a creator?

And is this my spark?

Or is this insanity?

Should I give in

To this spellbinding blaze

Captive under my skin?

What if I’m deluded,

My passions misled

By this thing,

This enigma

That dwells in my head?

Am I stubborn,

A fool,

To think this could be gold?

But I’m sick

At the thought of my heart left untold.

Perhaps I’m obsessed

And should let it all go…

But a prayer leaves my lips.

And my soul whispers:



Original Poem / Song: Scared to Search My Heart

June 9, 2015


I’m scared to search my heart,
Afraid of what I will find;
I’m scared of moving forward,
So I’m falling behind;
Don’t want to face my enemy,
So I’ll remain a slave;
I’m not sure I want to know
What it means to be brave.

I know You’ll give me courage,
But I’m happy to remain
Trapped in a life of cowardice
As long as it means no pain.
O Savior, Father, help me!
Remind me what You’ve done.
You chose a life of pain and grief
When You sent us Your Son.

I know that I’m a coward
And I don’t deserve to see
That this comfy life’s a prison
And you’ve handed me the key.
You’re showing me to freedom –
But now I count the cost.
Help me see my comfort
From the vantage of the cross.

You didn’t die
So I could live
With cold hands fisted,
Nothing to give.
You didn’t suffer agony
So I could waste away
You said, “Take up your mat and walk,”
So why am I on the floor?
I know I have the strength to go;
I need to trust You more.

I’m scared to search my heart,
So show me gently within;
Afraid of moving forward;
Help me break the web of sin.
Don’t want to face my enemy,
But now by grace I see
That the pain and death are in the cell –
To fight means victory.

— Original song by Bethany A. Jennings, June 7, 2015


No Separating Veil Between – A Poem by Bethany A. Jennings

September 11, 2014

I dabble in poetry from time to time, especially on Sundays when my prayers often overflow into verse during the Lord’s Supper.  I’ve been secretly itching to share one of my poems with you, and since I’m on vacation part of this week it felt like the perfect opportunity to do so, in lieu of a regular post.  I hope it blesses and edifies you!

No Separating Veil Between

I was a filthy wretch before;
My blood could never make me pure.
No sacrifice or offering
Could scour away the ugly stain.
My Savior died to take my place,
To bring me in the fold of grace. 

Now rest in Jesus Christ is found,
For I can lay my burden down.
No striving now to pay my debts,
For all my sin the Lord forgets.
It’s thrown as far as east from west;
In Jesus’ perfect love I rest. 

What awe I have that I can come
Into the throne room with the Son,
Where seraphim cry, “Holy be
To God the Three in One in Three!”
And there I stand, for I am clean,
No separating veil between. 

O Father God, you hear my cry –
I stand redeemed before Your eye.
The work is finished, every jot;
I’ve not a blemish, not a spot,
Because the blood of Christ is pure,
And Your lovingkindness sure.

– Written November 24, 2013, by Bethany A. Jennings

If you’d like to share this poem or re-post it online, please do so! – only link back to my blog and/or attribute it to me.  Thank you! 🙂