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Coming in October! – Severed Veil: Tales of Death and Dreams

September 8, 2018

Publishing preparation checklist?? OH YES. 😀

I’ve mentioned it here and there on social media, but I’m excited to finally *officially* announce that, Lord willing, I am releasing a new book at the end of October!

Severed Veil: Tales of Death and Dreams is a collection of fierce fantasy and sci-fi short stories—stories that dance on the delicate rift between life and death, waking and dreams. Stories from my gut. Stories from my soul.

I am beyond excited about my plans for this book. The collection will include my short story “Dreamskip” (a Writers Of The Future Honorable Mention), “No More Blood” (a finalist from the Splickety live critique at Realm Makers in 2018), and 7+ other short stories and flash fiction pieces.

The cover is in progress right now, and oh my goodness…I am itching to reveal it already, and it isn’t even in its final form!!! 😀

If you’d like to be part of the cover reveal at the end of this month, please check out THIS LINK to sign up! 😀

I have even more exciting news about Severed Veil coming SOON. So keep an eye out! It’s going to be an exciting and intense few weeks getting this new book ready to share with the world. 😃


Sparks and Ash: Nano Fiction Runner-Up in the Progeny Contest

April 7, 2016

Sparks and Ash graphic

“I’ve taken your family.  Your things.  Your memories.  Nothing left but your tattered skin.  I’d kill you…”  My enemy straightens.  “Why bother killing a nobody?”

Click here on the link to read the rest of my nano fiction story, “Sparks and Ash,” published on the Splickety Publishing Group’s Lightning Blog.

The theme for this contest was “identity,” and it was a blast to write. 😀 I hope you enjoy it.



Flash Fiction: “Catastrophe”

January 19, 2016
This is the first of two flash fiction pieces that were requested by winners of my blog giveaway last year (long overdue, my apologies!).  Fellow author H.L. Burke wanted me to write a flash piece about “cat invaders.”  So without further ado… 😀


The head of Secret Service stood by the drapes, sweat dripping down his forehead. “We’re surrounded.” Through the window of the Oval Office, small alien ships glistened in the sunlight…an unbroken ring of them around the White House.

The First Lady gripped the arm of her chair so tightly that President Burke thought she would break it. “Where is Emily?

“Why haven’t you found her already?” the President snapped.

“Mr. President, the systems are down. She – ”

“I’m here! Don’t worry, Mama, I’m here!” Emily Burke scurried into the room, clutching a furry object tight to her chest.

The last Secret Service member clamped the door shut behind her, grunting through his teeth, “She went after the cat.”

“Oh, for the love – ”

A window shattered.

The entire first family ducked, screaming. With a clunk, a round projectile landed in the middle of the carpet, steam rising from it in tendrils.

It’s a bomb!” the First Lady screeched.

Guards swarmed toward the object.

Then a tinny, electric voice said, “We. Do not. Wish to bomb you.”

“Wait, stop.” The president stepped forward. “It’s a communicator. How are they speaking English?” He directed the next question to the metal ball on the carpet. “Uh…greetings. What brought you to our planet?”

There was a strange garble of squalling noises, hisses, and thrumming sounds, and then came the translation. “We came. To command. Our servants.”

“You have servants here on Earth?” The president’s blood ran cold.

“You. Are. Our. Servants. Ha. Ha ha.”

Did it just translate a laugh? Skin cold with sweat, he stuttered, “I’m sure we can arrange something more amicable than that.”

“No arrangements are necessary.” The translator seemed to be picking up speed. “You will obey us. There is. No alternative. I wish to speak with. My head agent.”

Young Emily had gone stiff with shock during the exchange, and now the gray cat in her arms leapt to the floor, unhindered by her limp hands.

“Yes. Mr. President. We are here on Earth,” the voice continued. “We are in your homes. We are on your streets. We. Control. Your internet.”

The cat strode toward the electric ball. The nearest Serviceman moved to kick it away, and Emily suddenly came alive and threw herself in the way. “Stop it! He doesn’t know any better!” She trembled.

The cat licked her face.

“You see. You are doomed,” said the communicator. “Your people. Already. Stoop to save us.”

While the rest of the room sat frozen, the cat strode to the communicator with its tail high in dignity, and licked the camera at the front.

An audible cat’s purr sounded through the device. “Mission accomplished, Agent Fluffy. We will advance. On your signal. You shall be our occupying governor.”

Fluffy lifted his nose high and jumped onto the Oval Office Desk, where he curled his tail around him with an air of majesty, staring down at his subjects. “Meow.”

The End


Simmer Starters – May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015

Oh my goodness, SO many good and interesting links came my way this past week!  So there are some great Simmer Starters today.  Lots of variety here.

You Are God’s Workmanship (Jon Bloom at DesiringGod) – Ahhh, I love almost everything from Jon Bloom on this site, and this article I especially adore.  “When Paul says that you are God’s ‘workmanship,’ don’t think of your clunky seventh grade shop class project. Think of The Odyssey, Beowulf, The Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost, or The Faerie Queen — great works of epic poetry.  The Greek word Paul chose for this sentence is ‘poiema,’ and what he had in mind is a work of masterful creativity.”

20 Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heartbreaking (Tickld) – Amazing examples of how much impact just a few words can have.

How to Target an Audience (And Avoid Book Launch Flop) (Kimberley Grabas) – A great how-to post on finding your target audience!  Really good advice here.  Another good one from the same site: 101 Quick Actions You Can Take Today to Build the Writer Platform of Your Dreams.

The Definition of Hell for Each Myers-Briggs Type (Heidi Priebe at Thought Catalog) – Just some amusing (or grating) Myers-Briggs fun.

Two Sisters, Two Views on Gay Marriage (Elizabeth Corey and Mary Campbell at The Atlantic) – A fantastic example of what tolerance really means…loving one another despite differences.  “Mary and I live in a pluralist age when people of goodwill often hold radically different views. This calls, I think, for tolerance of the old-fashioned kind, not persecution of those who differ.”

Charles Spurgeon, Susanna, and the Pilgrim’s Progress (Ray Rhodes Jr.) – Just a sweet story about how Spurgeon sent his future bride a copy of a novel to encourage her.  Godly fiction can inspire and open minds to truths from Scripture we may not have looked at so creatively before!

How to Flesh Out a Character (Nathan Bransford) – Good advice here.  I like the tip about following your character through a typical day.

WritingTip – Be Excited (David Farland) – “The single greatest thing that you can do to motivate yourself to write is to cultivate an attitude of excitement, one that energizes you and drives you to work hard, to spend every spare moment productively. So, how can you get excited about a story? Here are just a few steps to building excitement.”  They’re good steps!


Simmer Starters – May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015

Simmer Starters for this week!  Enjoy!

Die Well (Jonathan Parnell at DesiringGod) – Beautiful thoughts here.  “There is a major difference here between false gain and true gain. It’s one key distinction between a Muslim jihadist blowing himself up and an Ethiopian Christian being beheaded. The former is trying to use death to earn himself something. The latter is saying that death, cruel as it is, can’t touch that which he already owns and to which he has ascribed surpassing value.”

Fetal Homicide Laws are a Problem for Pro-Choicers (Stand to Reason Blog) – Sorry to rant, and I don’t often post political stuff, but this is the sort of thing that just makes me hopping mad….the total idiocy and hypocrisy of it all…

Do You Judge a Book By Its Cover? Take My Poll! (Heather L.L. Fitzgerald) – A fellow speculative fiction writer talks about different styles of book covers, and shares a poll about favorite types of design for fantasy novel covers.

10 Things You SHOULD Regularly Tell Writers (Cait at Paper Fury) – Something funny for my fellow writer peeps to guffaw at. 😀

The Power of Flash Fiction (Randy Ingermanson) – This author’s flash piece appeared in the same issue of Havok Magazine as mine did!  Here he talks about writing flash fiction and some of the reasons it’s fun and good for writers to practice.

Act Your Age (Megan Ebba at Speculative Faith) – A post about making characters realistic for their age.  It just came out this morning, and I hope it gets some good discussion going!