Simmer Starters – September 19, 2015

September 19, 2015

Our family was at a company event for my husband’s work earlier today – I should have gotten started on my link fest this morning.  It’s late, but here it is!  Maybe I should move it back to Friday since Saturdays tend to be busier!

Simmers today: Christian geekdom, redemption and patriarchal society, our children are our neighbors, honesty about the Planned Parenthood videos, perfectionism in writing, and why writing every day can be a bad rule (both prolific and percolators are represented here, hehe!).

A Theology of Christian Geekdom (Daniel Martin) – This article isn’t just up my alley, this IS my alley! 😀 Seriously. I couldn’t pick a quote to highlight because it’s more of an overview of the need for artists and art-lovers of all kinds in the church, and there are a variety of things discussed here.

Why Does Redemption Come Through Patriarchal Society? (Justin Taylor) – I thought this was fascinating.  “God is beyond human gender and our relationship to him beyond blood, but the tale of redemptive history comes to us in the language of a patriarchal society.” – Sandra Richter.  I find this really interesting, especially because I don’t believe patriarchy is necessarily the “Biblical” model for the family.  God used it as a picture, just like he uses marriage to be a picture (singleness still being valid!).

Your Child Is Your Neighbor (Jen Wilkin) – Fantastic application here for moms and dads.  “If you asked me the single-most misleading statement I’ve heard with regard to parenting, it would be this: The Bible is relatively silent on the topic of parenting.

What’s Really in the Planned Parenthood Videos? (Stand to Reason Blog) – A reminder to Christians to be careful and stick to the truth, not exaggerate the facts or argue based on disputable theories about what the films contain.

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Writing Career? (Kristin Lamb) – Clearly coming from the prolific side of the Prolific vs. Percolator debate I blogged about earlier this week, 😉 this post is still a really important thing for us perfectionists to hear. At some point you’ve just got to SHIP!

Writing Begins With Forgiveness (Daniel Jose Older) – And on the percolator side… 😀  I really loved this post.  “I’ve spent many anxious, fidgety hours in front of the blank screen, doing nothing but being mad at myself. Finally I figured out that brainstorming is part of writing too, and it doesn’t thrive when the brain and body are constricted. So I take walks, and in walking, the story flows, the ideas stop cowering in the corners of my mind, shoved to the side by the shame of not writing.”

Promoting Porn for the Glory of God? (Cap Stewart) – “Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong about movies dealing with sexual topics, even sordid ones. Still, we should not promote the use of pornographic methods to communicate a redeeming message. That’s like showing a titillation flick in a church service because it includes a conversion experience at the end, or taking your family to a bullfight in order to protest cruelty to animals. In other words, it’s self-defeating.”

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