Simmer Starters – October 19, 2015

October 20, 2015

I’m so sorry this is several days late!!  I have loads of links to share with you.

Porn and Worship: A Look at Emotionalism in the Church (Zach Bartels) – Great article, countering something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now…the tendency of conservative Reformed churches to look skeptically on emotion.  “Just as porn doesn’t change our view of sex, emotional abuses, artificiality, and manipulations shouldn’t change our view of emotional experience. Yes, someone can use the four right chords to make you feel ecstatic or melancholy … but just as the marriage bed is the right place (the ordained place!) to feel sexual gratification, worshipping God is the ultimate place to feel emotional gratification.”

Flash Fiction Tips Round-Up (Teddi Deppner) – A useful post that does what the title says!

The Power of Fear (Seth Godin) – This short post is very thought-provoking…it packs a punch for so few words.

Here’s What’s Behind Our Obsession with Zombies (Kurt Schlichter) – Fascinating theories here.  “What is out of control, or what seems like it is out of control, is our society itself. A pervasive unease in America is deepening. It is a sense that our society has become unstable, that the normalcy we took for granted is gone and perhaps not coming back.”

Open (Mirriam Neal) – On being open with our emotions, something I could get better at!  “It’s a frightening thing, pulling back that curtain and letting everyone see you for who you really are.” Truth.

Five Ways to Use Pets in Your Story – Without Killing Them (Mythcreants) – I found this a fun post with some really good ideas – I don’t even like pets much, but it made me like them in stories more! 🙂

If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy (Walter Kirn) – Like me, you might regret reading this. Hahahahaha.  Seriously, though, this is very thought-provoking.  And good sci-fi fodder…

Reprise: Satan, the Imaginary, and Halloween (Rebecca LuElla Miller) – Good thoughts here on the controversy of Halloween.  I especially love her concluding thought: “The only way we can insure that Satan has his day is by our disunity, our unloving attitude, our angry arguments over whether or not we celebrate Halloween.”

I love to hear your thoughts!

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