Simmer Starters – March 4, 2016

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7 Ways to Be More Creative (Jessica Knap) – This is a great roundup of ways to kickstart creativity!

Complaining is Terrible For You, According to Science (Jessica Stillman) – How negativity or positivity literally rewire our brains.  “Synapses that fire together wire together.”

Porn: The Quiet Anesthesia (Ethan Renoe) – Speaking of rewiring brains, here is a sobering and thought-provoking post about addiction and how it numbs us to reality.  “When I look at the person of Jesus, I see the polar opposite of numbness. I see someone who was entirely alive to His emotions, the full spectrum.”

The Four Things You Need to Sell a Book (Rachel Bach/Aaron) – All the important stuff to grab readers who are shopping for new reads.  “Cover, title, blurb, first pages, in that order.”

Naked Love (Mom Life Now) – Beautiful post about motherhood, on how Christ said, “I was naked, and you clothed me,” and mothers do this for their little children every day. As a weary mom of four under five, I choked up a little reading this. 🙂

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