Simmer Starters – February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015

Are You Fighting the Sin of Comparison? (TrueWoman) – This is relevant to writers, moms, and ANYONE!  “As a writer, I may say something in such a way that a specific woman has ears to hear. However, a different woman may actually need the voice of another friend of mine who writes in a different style. Both voices are necessary, both styles get the point across, but everyone has different ears to hear in different situations. We are all necessary.”

Reflections on my Son’s Adoption (Mike Augsburger) – I love adoption stories, and this one contains beautiful reflections on how God adopts us as His children in salvation.  It brought tears of joy to my eyes!

Aliens, Elves, Angels (Speculative Faith) – I enjoyed these musings about sentient races other than humans, and compares lore to a real race besides humans that God really has told us about – angels.  “The whole business of aliens is a demonstration of Solomon’s maxim that there is nothing new under the sun. For thousands of years, humanity has been telling itself stories about races other than ourselves. We’ve had a thousand different names for them; fairy is only the best-known. Once people really believed they were next door – under the earth, in the wind, hiding in houses, living in the thick, ancient forests.”

Art and Evangelism (Speculative Faith) – Yes, another SpecFaith article.  Their writers were on a roll this week!  I loved this post about how art give us a chance to bear witness to God and His works.

S.L. Huang: On the Subject of Unlikeable Women Protagonists (Terrible Minds) – Be aware this article is pretty coarse and has some offensive language.  But it deals with how female protagonists are often not “allowed” to be as realistic as male protagonists; writers are overly worried about making them perfect so they can represent women well.  This writer calls for more realistically flawed female characters.

8 Things Writers Forget When Writing Fight Scenes (Lisa Voisin) – I shared this in a couple places yesterday, but I’ll toss it in here too!  This is a great post on some practical and psychological details fight scenes should take into account.


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