Simmer Starters – April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015

Here are the Simmer Starters for this week!  Lots of links today…

Are You Weak Enough for God to Use You? (J.D. Greer) – Thoughts about the story of Gideon and God using us in our weakness.  “…Periodically, God will step into our lives and reduce the size of our army, because he wants us to trust him—and that’s often the only way we will.”

You Will Change the World (Jon Bloom, DesiringGod) – LOVE this.  “Lives are changed for better or worse by how we live the life we’re given and what we make with the talents we’ve been given. In fact, if you knew how much your life actually impacts others, how far that impact extends, and some of the unforeseen massively important things that result, it might frighten you into near paralysis, fearing you might cause a calamity.”  (I also really liked this article from the same writer: Steward the Gifts God Has Assigned To You.)

Personal Predilections (Shannon McDermott at Speculative Faith) – A reminder that personal taste does not determine whether a book is good or bad.

The Story You Tell Yourself (Rachelle Gardner) – I think many of us are prone to this, not just writers! But writers, being storytellers by nature, may be especially susceptible. “One thing that persistently thwarts a writer’s ability to stay positive and optimistic is the tendency to see a set of facts and then construct a ‘story’ from those facts — a story that isn’t objectively true.”

Proudly Humble (Tim Challies) – Interesting thoughts here.  “When Paul looked at his life, he saw undeniable evidence of God’s grace, and all he could do was marvel. Once a Pharisee, he now saw the beauty of grace; once a persecutor, he was now willing to be persecuted; once proud of his lineage as a Jew of all Jews, he now knew that this gave him no advantage. His life gave evidence of God’s grace in its every part. Paul knew it, and Paul rejoiced.  As he looked at God’s transforming grace, he could humbly say, ‘Be like me.’ ”

Delighting in Death? (Carl R. Truman) – Wow, fascinating insights here.  “Why is it that the people most vocally committed to causes connected to death (abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia) are often the same who are committed to progressive sexual causes? And why do abortion advocates frequently see it not as a necessary evil but as a positive good?”


  1. Did you read that article about women carrying genes in her body from every sexual partner she’s ever had? I thought for sure that would wind up on your blog. 🙂

    • That’s fascinating! The article makes it sound like it’s somehow dangerous, though – “you’ll think twice from now on!” – but what are the effects of having various male chromosomes in your body? Does it make any kind of difference? I knew about genes from your kids lingering after pregnancy, and future siblings carrying genes from their older siblings, so theoretically I suppose these genes would end up in your children as well.

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