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April 7, 2014

I don’t usually blog Mondays, but I felt I needed to come out and say this:

It was brought to my attention this morning that the painting of the crucifixion in my last post may have offended some brothers and sisters in Christ, due to their convictions on the 2nd commandment.  (And it was a post primarily based on the 10 commandments…oh, the painful irony!)  This did not occur to me before posting, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who found that to be a stumbling block.  I have removed it from the article, and will avoid doing likewise in the future.

I’m curious, what are your convictions on what the 2nd commandment means?  Maybe I need to do some research!

In Him,

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  1. I’m confused? (really… I am SO not trying to be offensive here…) What does the crucifix have to do with the right to bear arms?

    Did they mean maybe one about intellectual property rights? In which case if it is a public domain work (or even a really old painting) then all you would need to do is credit the creator under the image…

    • Oh… you said COMMANDMENT- not amendment *facepalm* ROFL… Take foot insert into mouth…. this was probably why I was confused lol

  2. (back from research) I know the commandments… just not in the proper order. So, in other words, you are saying that some people are claiming that the crucifix is seen as an idol?
    I’ve had this said to me too. I believe it all boils down to a sin for YOU if YOU treat it as an idol.
    If you see it as a picture of what happened and a reminder that Christ died for us then it is not an idol any more than that sticky note on your desk about that dentist appointment is an idol.
    I once wore a cross necklace (till brad started chewing on it) it was made out of a moonstone and I really liked it. It also served as a reminder of what I should be focusing on during a rough point in my life-> God. I wasn’t worshiping the cross by wearing it- I was worshiping the man who died on it. I had a family friend try to explain to me that they saw it similar to an idol image.

    An idol is something that you believe is a god enough to come to life and give you what you are praying for.

    Us humans wear plenty of things around our necks. Pictures of grandma in a locket… a butterfly… but all the sudden, because I am wearing something that is associated with God it is considered an idol?

    • I think for many it is the depiction of Christ, not the cross, that is objectionable. Because it’s a picture of Jesus and He is God, and the commandment says also not to make images of God.

  3. I think that Jesus was in human flesh, so it’s not sinful to depict Him. His body wasn’t important, it was WHO He was. It said that He had no beauty or nothing to set Him apart physically to draw anyone to Him. I think He probably looked like an ordinary Jewish man, and there’s nothing wrong with trying to depict that.

    Hahaha… I love the comment on the 2nd amendment! 😀

  4. Okay, if people are going to throw out a crucifix, they also have to throw out all representational art, because we’re also not to make images of animals, fish, or anything else. Yet God himself commanded images of seraphim and stuff to adorn the Ark of the Covenant. And the bronze serpent. Etc. If people are because caused to sin because of a crucifix, they’d better get off the internet. :-p

    • It’s not the crucifix itself – that’s a representation of what Christ did. It’s that many Christians believe it’s also wrong to create an image of Christ because the 2nd commandment says not to make images of God. Personally I think the difference is in whether we worship those images, but this concern was brought to me by a friend from church who I deeply respect and I want to show deference to my brothers and sisters in Christ who feel strongly about this.

  5. I’m going to assume I know the person who brought this to you 😉

    The concern was not for the cross but for the image of Christ on the cross. If it was a picture of the cross alone, it would have been no issue.

    This person was conflicted because they believe Bethany is an amazing writer. This person was built up in their walk with the Lord by Bethany’s first post (Until My Lord Release Me or Death Take Me) and shared it with many brothers and sisters in Christ. This person was as encouraged by the 10 Symptoms post but was hesitant to share because of their convictions concerning the 2nd commandment.

    They only brought it to Bethany’s attention out of love (for Bethany) and concern for others and their walk with the Lord. Iron sharpens iron!

    I have a feeling this person will be one of the biggest supporters of this blog 😉 and is excited to see how the Lord will use Bethany and her unique talents to bring glory to His name! 🙂

    • This person is already one of the biggest supporters of my blog and I am very flattered by their interest in my writings! Thank you for clarifying a little more! I wasn’t sure I was explaining the situation very well. Long story short, I made the edit out of love, certainly not because I felt bullied or even chastised. Even if this person had not spoken up, if I had considered on my own that some believe differently about the 2nd commandment than I do, I would have made the change. It was a good reminder. 🙂

  6. Bethany, you are truly blessed to have such supporters that try to keep you mindful of all the many ways words can be misconstrued! 🙂

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