Links and Resources

Here are some resources and links for fellow writers to check out!

Character Creation

New Character Profile 2012 – An extended character profile I created for myself.  The link at the left is to download it as a Word document (.docx), and if you’d like you can check it out here before downloading.

Another character profile option – This one has a fun questionnaire at the end to answer from your character’s point of view.  I like to use this when trying to get deeper into my character’s head and way of thinking.

A crash course in Myers-Briggs typology – Basic information about this personality typing theory that I have found very helpful in crafting characters.

Pros and cons of using Myers-Briggs to get to know your characters – Reasons MBTI might (or might not) be a good tool for you to use as an author.

Naming Characters

Nameberry – Name database, often with remarks on names’ meaning, popularity, “hip factor”, history, etc.  My favorite “quick check” site for names.

The Baby Name Wizard Voyager – Graphs the popularity of names over the past century or two.  Very useful for picking age-appropriate character names.  Use this when you think you have a name idea and want to see if it fits.

Social Security Administration Name Database – Another good resource for age-appropriate names.  Use this if you’re not sure on a name and want to pick one out of a list from the right era. – General name site with a simple advanced search and name meanings.

Plot and Structure Help

Dan Wells on story structure – A 5-part video seminar on building a good plot, using a very simple outline method.  I have found this invaluable in both writing and revising.

Nathan Bransford’s Writing Advice Database – This blog is a goldmine of writing advice.  Some other favorites from him: the “Query Letter Mad Lib” and “What Do Your Characters Want?

Kristen Lamb’s blog

Helping Writers Become Authors – K.M. Weiland’s blog.  Her character arc series is amazing.

Elements of Fiction Writing – Conflict and Suspense by James Scott Bell.  Buy this book.  You won’t regret it!

Jeff Gerke’s writing tip database

Writing/Reading Communities and Resources

Realm Makers – Realm Makers is a conference designed specifically for Christian writers of science-fiction and fantasy.  This link takes you to their Facebook page, which has a wonderful, thriving community of Christian speculative fiction authors.

Speculative Faith – One of my favorite faith and speculative fiction blogs.

Parenting an Aspiring Author?

Go Teen Writers – A blog and online community for teenage authors.

One Year Adventure Novel – As a writer, I think that this writing curriculum looks like one of the best options out there for teaching creative writing.  Caveat – I have not used it myself.  But the core principles look rock solid.

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  1. Greytawnyowl

     /  February 26, 2012

    Thank you for providing this! I think it will be very helpful. 🙂

    Is there supposed to be a link with “you can check it out here before downloading”? Because it’s not showing up for me. 🙂

  2. Good job, Bethany! I plan to download the Character Profile and to also send a friend here,