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Thursday (Friday) Ramblings – 2.4.2012

February 4, 2012

Oops!  I missed it again!  Oh dear…this isn’t going to become a habit, is it?  I’m usually so good about these things…

Reading and Writing This Week: This week has been a bit crazy, so I haven’t done much reading or writing.  However, I did receive my copy of Auralia’s Colors and have gone a chapter further (yay!) and finished Chapter 4 of The Queen in the Wooden Box.

Deep and Important Thoughts Pondered Today: Abortion.  Every time I do any kind of research or reading about abortion, I get inflamed with the desire to write some really powerful, allegorical work of fiction about how horrible it is.  But all the ideas I get fall by the wayside because they were stories founded on a symbolic concept, not interesting characters or a unique world/society that came to me.  *sigh*  It’s very frustrating.  I think I have 5 or 6 different story stubs and idea documents stashed away.  One day I hope to make something of one of them.

Tasty Foods Eaten Today: sweet potato fries dipped in a blend of sour cream, brown sugar, and cinnamon.  Delish.

Stuck in My Head Right Now: This.


Thursday Ramblings – 1.26.12

January 27, 2012

Thursday is the new Tuesday!

Writing This Week: I am currently pounding out a new chapter of The Queen in the Wooden Box.  I’ve been wanting to TKT (yes, I do use that as a verb…years of TKTing has caused that), but my priority this week is cousin-pleasing!  Although, I suppose, I don’t know exactly how much they’re enjoying the story because they’ve only just gotten into it and can’t be completely hooked yet.  They’re probably a bit impatient, having waited several weeks now for me to make good on my promise of new chapters!

Reading This Week: I sampled two Kindle books this past week.  The first was Beyond the Reflection’s Edge by Bryan Davis. The hook really intrigued me, and so far the plot has drawn me in, but I didn’t find the characters very genuine, emotionally, so I’m not sure I’ll be buying that one at the moment.  The second sample was from Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet, which I’ve been wanting to read for several years now.  His books are highly praised from all I hear, so I had high expectations, and I was not disappointed!  The writing is beautiful.  In fact, just now I discovered that the Kindle edition is twice the price of the paperback, which is on “limited availability” on Amazon for $5.60.  STEAL!  I snapped it up.  It may not be streamed instantly to my Kindle, but I’m looking forward to seeing that in my mailbox in a couple of days.

Quote of the Day:

“God’s grace is a tsunami that will carry us away and deposit us in places we would not have anticipated — and all of it good. We analyze this carefully and say that we want our grace to be true and pure water, just like that tsunami, but we want it to be a placid pond on a summer day that we can inch across gingerly, always keeping one pointed toe on what we think is the sure bottom of our own do-gooding morality. As the old blues song has it, everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Everyone wants to cross the Jordan, but nobody wants to get wet.” – Doug Wilson

Deep and Important Thoughts Pondered Today: All day I’ve been mulling over this post at Speculative Faith, and the thoughts sparked by it.  Feminism, and its impact on stories.  Perceived sexism in books/movies/shows (and Hollywood’s misguided attempts to correct it).  “Warrior women”.  True, strong feminine characters – as opposed to female characters who act like men.  Damsels in distress.  How I hope to write truly strong feminine characters who don’t need to (if you’ll pardon the expression) “kick butt” in order to be strong.  I sense a blog series coming on…

Funny Today: My son’s hysterical giggling at my husband’s gargling after dinner.  🙂

Stuck in My Head Today: Primarily awesome Doctor Who music like this.

*New Category!* Tasty Foods Eaten Today: I had to add this category, because…I love food, and I can’t not talk about it!  The tasty food for today is a mug cake which I ate with Moose Tracks ice cream and chocolate syrup over the top.  Yum!!  (And when the recipe says it makes “1 large or 2 small”…it really does mean large.  Good grief!)


No Tuesday Ramblings?

January 24, 2012

Today is Tuesday!  So there should be a Ramblings, no?

Well…here’s the thing.  I’ve gradually come to realize that Tuesday is a terrible day for me to blog.  It’s the day I go grocery shopping (“fooding”, as we say in my family) and so all my free time and computer time on Tuesday is taken up by planning the weekly menu – which can take all day, especially when one is navigating through pregnancy cravings and aversions!

So, until further notice, Tuesday Ramblings will become Thursday Ramblings!  Expect a wayward rambling Thursday…but I will give a tiny update now.

Reading This Week: Nothing, very sadly.  I still have Divergent, but I plan to return it to the library tomorrow because I highly doubt I’ll ever get back into it.  I’m kind of sad about that.

Writing This Week: I’m dying to write TKT!  And my mind keeps creeping toward Daik 11.  But today I am working on a new chapter of The Queen in the Wooden Box, because it’s been several weeks since Christmas and I’m sure my cousins are eager for a new installment!



Tuesday Ramblings Late 1.4.12 – One Day Late

January 5, 2012

Oops. It’s Wednesday now (and it will be Thursday in 15 minutes). So I suppose these are actually Wednesday Ramblings. But here they be!

Reading this week: Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. It has completely distracted me from Divergent, which I have renewed for the second time. (I’m not sure I’ll ever finish that book! Maybe I just needed a break from dystopia? It’s true, I had read three dystopian novels in a row before moving to Butcher’s book.) Furies of Calderon is a satisfyingly fresh fantasy: fascinating world, likeable characters, and lots of intrigue. I am almost halfway through now, and enjoying it. (Edit: As I read further I find that the book has a lot of sensuality and adult content. I would not recommend it for youngsters, certainly, and although I’m still reading If it continues like this I will probably not finish.

Writing this week: Next to nothing, sadly. I plan to get on that as soon as I’m done with this posting, because I’ve got diaper laundry in the washer and it’s cruelly forcing me to stay up late…what agony, to have another hour or two on the computer in a quiet house…truly terrible…

Stuck in my head today: The Eureka theme again. We’re still working our way through the show, and will be for awhile, and the song is far too catchy.

Deep and important thoughts pondered today: God’s perfection, and how He cannot be summed up by any one attribute. He is holy, perfectly and completely holy, but holiness alone does not define Him. Instead, He defines holiness! He is loving, and perfectly and completely loving, but love alone is not the sum of His nature. Rather, love finds its definition in His nature. He is perfectly just, perfect in power, perfect in creativity, perfect in every aspect, and all of these attributes merely touch on who He is. Were He lacking in any of these qualities, He would not be the God that He is, because they all hinge on one another. Together, all His attributes form our understanding of who He is, as shown by the quote of the day below. It is so amazing to contemplate our glorious Creator!

Quote of the day:

Q: What is God?
A: God is a spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.
The Westminister Larger Catechism


Tuesday Ramblings 12.28.11

December 28, 2011

I hope your Christmas was merry!  Ours was delightful, and I am very much enjoying my new Kindle, a gift from my wonderful, generous husband!  As much as I love real books, e-readers have fascinated me for a long time (when I was younger I thought I had invented the idea for my book…haha).  I love the idea of being able to take a ton of books with me everywhere, in a device small enough to stick inside my – rather tiny – purse.m

Reading this week: Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson (my first Kindle read!).  The basic premise of this book is that many Christian parents, although believing on a spiritual level that only Christ can change our hearts, end up trying to make their children “good” through law, rules, guidelines, etc. on a practical level.  The book urges and encourages Christian moms and dads to point their children toward Christ and His righteous fulfillment of God’s law on our behalf.  Although I have a few beefs with some of it, it’s a really good book overall (it’s worth buying for the chapter on human weakness and failure alone!).  I wholeheartedly recommend it to Christian parents – and even those who aren’t yet parents, as I found the book applied more to my life and my legalistic tendencies than it did to my future parenting.  Actually I recommend the general “gospel application” parts of the book more than the specifically parenting-related parts!

Writing this week: not a lot, due to the Christmas holiday.  I’ve been writing a miscellaneous scene that came to me on Christmas night, about a girl whose car crashes off the side of the road during a snowstorm.  She may or may not encounter magical creatures in the roadside woods…

Quotes I’m pondering today: 

“…Paul was familiar with real suffering, but this thorn was far worse.  This thorn was ordained by God to keep Paul humble, dependent, and weak.  Paul also recognized that this thorn was a messenger of Satan.  Here’s the astonishing truth: God used Satan to keep Paul from the sin of pride.  God always employs Satan to God’s end, to serve God’s people.  God uses Satan to produce godliness in us too, just as he did in Paul.  …None of us want to appear weak or incompetent…we hate it when we can’t boast…yet we can grow in our faith to believe that the Lord is sending a particular trial because it glorifies Him.  …  Paul understood that personal success and strength were barriers to his experience of God’s grace.  God’s sustaining power is seen and developed in our weakness and failure.” – Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Give Them Grace

“But he [the Lord] said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9

Stuck in my head today: the theme song from the show Eureka, which my husband and I have been watching voraciously.  Or, alternately, the ditty my son’s new cookie jar toy sings every time you stick your hand in…

Coming soon: the first chapter of The Queen in the Wooden Box!