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Review of “Firebird” by Kathy Tyers

Lady Firebird Angelo departs her home world expecting death in space combat. Captured instead, she finds a startling destiny among an ancient telepathic family—and a new kind of battle against implacable enemies. Note: this review is for only the first book of the “Firebird” series.  The cover photo is linked to a Kindle trilogy which […]

Some Other Perspectives on “The Hunger Games”

I’m always surprised to see that one of the top posts on this blog is my review of The Hunger Games.  There are a lot of reviews of this book (or the movie) out there right now, and I am continually seeing new ones that bring out other points I didn’t see or didn’t expound […]

Five Favorite Science-Fiction TV Shows

Growing up, I was always more a lover of fantasy than science-fiction.  Although I liked science-fiction in theory, and wrote it, I never watched or read science-fiction movies or books (with the exception of a long Star Wars phase in my childhood).  However, since Christopher and I have been married – almost two years now! […]

Harry Hater to Potterhead: A Christian Reader’s Journey (Part II)

The end of Part I left off when I, onetime vicious detractor of Harry Potter, went to the library and checked out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  I wanted to read the series for myself, to understand whether my former opinions were true, as well as to scope out what made the bestselling books […]

Review of “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to […]