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We’re Going to Knock Your Wall Down

Once during my most recent pregnancy, I had a disturbing dream which perfectly described my mental state that week. I dreamt I was struggling my daughter into her car seat, and she was misbehaving, fighting me tooth and nail.  Suddenly a woman in a neighboring car offered to take my daughter and the car seat […]

On Being Relevant

In recent years I have discovered something about myself, as a writer and also simply as a person – I have something to say. I have come to think of myself as a stargazer, one who looks out into the night sky of everyday life and sees beauty, directions, even constellations, tracing dot-to-dot pictures in […]

Thursday Ramblings – 2.16.2012

It has been a fortnight since I blogged!  Oh, dear.  I am going to skip the endless apologizing I always do, and go back to blogging (hopefully) as if it never happened… Reading This Week: No fiction.  Lots of miscellaneous research. Writing This Week: My dystopian novel, Daik 11, is on rapid boil!  Two weeks […]