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I apologize for not writing more often. This week has been pretty busy, what with Christmas coming, a cranky baby, and the excitement of a new for-fun story project that has kept me up to late night hours typing away. Stuck in my head today: The Firefly theme song. “You can’t take the sky from […]

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Tuesday Ramblings 6/11

A lot of bloggers have a weekly tradition of some kind, usually updating people on what they’re up to.  I wanted to have one at The Simmering Mind, and it seemed only natural that it should be on Tuesdays.  I love Tuesdays!  I was born on a Tuesday.  Years ago I started a tradition of […]

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With my husband’s encouragement, eagerness to meet other like-minded writers, and the desire to share my thoughts on a couple of books I’m presently reading (and – okay, I admit it! – a tiny thirst for feedback)…I hereby begin this humble blog. Who are you? Hello! My name is Bethany Jennings. I am a homemaker […]

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