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Character Interview: Kevin

I’ve had a lot of fun reading the character interviews over at Nadine Brandes’ blog, and this one at RJ Conte’s blog, I am itching to interview one of my own characters.  So I’m here today to talk to Kevin, one of the main characters in The Kraesinia Trilogy. I’m going to sneak up on him […]

How Myers-Briggs Typology Became My Worst Nightmare (But I Still Love It)

My worst nightmares are boring, repetitive dreams that seem to last forever.  In them, I’m stuck on a thought and cannot escape it no matter how hard I try.  Often I’m trying to analyze a problem or solve a riddle, and it’s impossible, but my brain is trapped studying the impossible thing over and over […]

No Separating Veil Between – A Poem by Bethany A. Jennings

I dabble in poetry from time to time, especially on Sundays when my prayers often overflow into verse during the Lord’s Supper.  I’ve been secretly itching to share one of my poems with you, and since I’m on vacation part of this week it felt like the perfect opportunity to do so, in lieu of […]

Have We Forgotten the Monsters?

My three year old son is nervous about monsters. They frequently feature in the toddler TV shows he watches – not that real monsters are in the stories, but the characters often think there are monsters but are proven wrong.  So he knows they’re not real!  They aren’t even real in the shows he watches. […]