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My Shiny New Pitch

June 7, 2012

I’m always excited when I am able to condense and sharpen my pitch for TKT a bit more.  This time I had the challenge of a 100-word limit!  The old one’s still up on the “Books” page for the moment – which do you like better?  What do you think?

When Marcus Leansmith mysteriously vanished, his children had no idea his work was a cover for military operations in another universe.  Eight years later, Kevin and Catherine stumble upon his hidden teleporter and accidentally transport themselves to the world of Kraesinia.  There, brutal off-world invaders plan to capture the portal to Earth – unless Kraesinia’s army can stop them.  Kevin is eagerly recruited to their secret human auxiliary, but his sister is deemed unfit for service, and her memory wiped.  While he struggles to conceal his new double life, Catherine is terrified by the visions of another world infiltrating her dreams…