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This is one of those weeks where I bounce from project to project, barely wading knee deep into one story before I splash away to immerse myself in the next. Technically Daik 11 is my primary project, and I’ve been putting together character profiles for it and scenes have been running around in my head. […]

New Page!

I launched a new page today – “Writing Resources“.  I intend for it to be an ever-growing page of links to good writing advice and other resources I have found helpful in my writing, or resources directly from me, such as my character profile.  Hopefully some of you find these things helpful too!

Character Profile 2012

I am a big fan of character profiles.  No matter how organically a character appears and develops in my mind and on the page, sooner or later I find myself compelled to “flesh them out” a bit more: to consider what their pet peeves are, what they studied in college, their favorite foods, what music […]

Thursday Ramblings – 2.16.2012

It has been a fortnight since I blogged!  Oh, dear.  I am going to skip the endless apologizing I always do, and go back to blogging (hopefully) as if it never happened… Reading This Week: No fiction.  Lots of miscellaneous research. Writing This Week: My dystopian novel, Daik 11, is on rapid boil!  Two weeks […]

Thursday (Friday) Ramblings – 2.4.2012

Oops!  I missed it again!  Oh dear…this isn’t going to become a habit, is it?  I’m usually so good about these things… Reading and Writing This Week: This week has been a bit crazy, so I haven’t done much reading or writing.  However, I did receive my copy of Auralia’s Colors and have gone a […]