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My Writing Strategy, Part II: Planning the Plot

I have always struggled with plot. Characters, worlds, and opening scenes explode in my head, but the spurt of imagination only lasts for so long. After a few paragraphs, pages, or chapters, it dies off, and I am left wondering what happens next. Some authors begin their work with an idea for the climax, the […]

Tuesday Ramblings 12.28.11

I hope your Christmas was merry!  Ours was delightful, and I am very much enjoying my new Kindle, a gift from my wonderful, generous husband!  As much as I love real books, e-readers have fascinated me for a long time (when I was younger I thought I had invented the idea for my book…haha).  I […]

Simmer Starters 12.24.11 – Glory to the Newborn King

Simmer Starters…Christmas edition! This is the Glory of Christmas – Stephen Altrogge perfectly captures how I feel about Christmas. Better than any fiction, this stuff. “The World Maker, who keeps Jupiter and Saturn from colliding, who declares supernovas, who breathes forth the snow and the rain…became a baby – a helpless baby, clutching and grasping […]

My Writing Strategy, Part I: The Pitch

I used to be a “seat of the pants” type of writer.  I’d get an idea, promptly sit down and start writing, and keep going until I ran out of steam and didn’t know what happened next.  Often I ended up jumping from story to story, not finishing anything. I still write like that sometimes, […]

Tuesday Ramblings 12.20.11

Reading this week: I still haven’t picked up Divergent again.  I was supposed to return it to the library tomorrow but I renewed it.  That means I’ve had it for three weeks and haven’t finished it yet!  I’m not sure whether that reflects more on the book or my busy life.  Probably my busy life. […]