Tuesday Ramblings Late 1.4.12 – One Day Late

January 5, 2012

Oops. It’s Wednesday now (and it will be Thursday in 15 minutes). So I suppose these are actually Wednesday Ramblings. But here they be!

Reading this week: Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. It has completely distracted me from Divergent, which I have renewed for the second time. (I’m not sure I’ll ever finish that book! Maybe I just needed a break from dystopia? It’s true, I had read three dystopian novels in a row before moving to Butcher’s book.) Furies of Calderon is a satisfyingly fresh fantasy: fascinating world, likeable characters, and lots of intrigue. I am almost halfway through now, and enjoying it. (Edit: As I read further I find that the book has a lot of sensuality and adult content. I would not recommend it for youngsters, certainly, and although I’m still reading If it continues like this I will probably not finish.

Writing this week: Next to nothing, sadly. I plan to get on that as soon as I’m done with this posting, because I’ve got diaper laundry in the washer and it’s cruelly forcing me to stay up late…what agony, to have another hour or two on the computer in a quiet house…truly terrible…

Stuck in my head today: The Eureka theme again. We’re still working our way through the show, and will be for awhile, and the song is far too catchy.

Deep and important thoughts pondered today: God’s perfection, and how He cannot be summed up by any one attribute. He is holy, perfectly and completely holy, but holiness alone does not define Him. Instead, He defines holiness! He is loving, and perfectly and completely loving, but love alone is not the sum of His nature. Rather, love finds its definition in His nature. He is perfectly just, perfect in power, perfect in creativity, perfect in every aspect, and all of these attributes merely touch on who He is. Were He lacking in any of these qualities, He would not be the God that He is, because they all hinge on one another. Together, all His attributes form our understanding of who He is, as shown by the quote of the day below. It is so amazing to contemplate our glorious Creator!

Quote of the day:

Q: What is God?
A: God is a spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.
The Westminister Larger Catechism

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