Tuesday Ramblings 12.20.11

December 20, 2011

Reading this week: I still haven’t picked up Divergent again.  I was supposed to return it to the library tomorrow but I renewed it.  That means I’ve had it for three weeks and haven’t finished it yet!  I’m not sure whether that reflects more on the book or my busy life.  Probably my busy life.

Writing this week: I am frantically pounding out a third chapter of The Queen in the Wooden Box to send to my cousins.  I may end up having to send it by email in order for it to get there in time for Christmas!  Horrors!  But I am enjoying the story too much to rush through it…I really like the world and characters.  (By the way, which title is better?  The working title is The Queen in the Wooden Box, but The Silver Army would be an equally apt moniker.)

Quote for today: 

“I urge you, don’t be stingy this year with the gifts you’ve so generously received from on high, and don’t begrudge those still wandering a glimmer of that same illumination, just as freely given. Don’t fear the distractions. The truth is more powerful than any number of myths, legends, or advertising agencies. Satan may be the author of many reprehensible and deceptive works, but he is most certainly not the author of hope, or love, or joy, or peace. And he can’t stop Christmas from coming or steal it away from us. He failed at that scheme a long, long time ago.” – Fred Warren in today’s post over at Speculative Faith.

Stuck in my head today: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!”

Chocolate and writing.  Couldn’t be better!

"It's the most *dangerous* time of the year...!" Thankfully, danger is my middle name.


  1. I like The Queen in the Wooden Box better. It sounds more out of the ordinary and more likely to grab readers’ interest. Both titles are good though. 🙂

    • Thanks, greytawnyowl. Now that I think about it, the two names set different kinds of tones, and “The Silver Army” sounds less like a children’s book than “The Queen…” does.

  2. Hey Bethany, you should to a google search and write in ( is Veronica Roth a Christian)as you probably know she’s the author of Divergen. Read the artical and I want you to see what you think about it if you feel like it! 🙂

    • I’m not sure what article you’re alluding to, Jordan. Can you link to it?

      The only slightly relevant one I found is this one: http://www.christandpopculture.com/featured/divergent-derivative-dystopia/ I found it quite interesting, although personally I never thought of Harry Potter, or really The Hunger Games, either, as I was reading “Divergent”. I haven’t finished it yet; it’s still sitting here waiting…

      I am surprised to hear that Roth is a Christian! The book gave no indication. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but as a Christian reader who tends to analyze the worldviews of books, I was finding things to critique as I read. I guess I would expect to find more Judeo-Christian ideas embedded into the story. But maybe I just need to finish it!

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