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Introducing – A Hot Potato Story!

April 11, 2015

Three fellow writers and I are creating a “hot potato” story!  It will be tossed around between us, with new installments each Saturday on our respective blogs.  You can follow along here (I’ll link to their installments each week too), or follow all our blogs, and be on the watch for hashtags #chroniclesofchadwick and #hotpotatostory on Twitter.

The story isn’t written for children but will be clean and family friendly – it is a fantasy tale with a humorous bent.  Each installment will be roughly 500 words.

This week we’re introducing our main players.  Each of us is in charge of one character, and each character has a secret or ulterior motive that only their special writer knows.  Hehe!  So none of us knows exactly what all the other characters are up to…  There shall be intrigue, surprises, and plot twists!


Follow along and see where the story takes us!

Introducing the Characters

Check out these other characters on their writers’ blogs!

Bea Brightbolt – Author H.L. Burke

Thrush Vonsel – Author Nat Davis

Princess Y’manya – Author Parker J. Cole

My Character: Rheban the Dragon

Some dragons are mainly concerned with what’s crunchy and good with ketchup, but Rheban has higher goals in mind – like world peace.

The sleek, enormous gray dragon prides himself in being one of the most fearsome and dangerous dragons in the area, yet using the humans’ fear for noble purposes by keeping the neighboring kingdoms at peace.  Those who warmonger he threatens with instant roasting…  But to those who are peaceful, he shows a smiling, benevolent face, handing down occasional nuggets of wisdom and foresight to those he considers worthy.

Having the gift of prophecy and keen observation, he sees much, knows much, and keeps many secrets…  But what are his intentions, exactly?  Nobody knows, and when a powerful entity could either avert your death with a timely prophecy or roast you and consume you with mustard, you don’t wanna mess with him.


Check back next Saturday to meet the protagonist of our story, Chadwick, and begin following the story!