Simmer Starters – March 25, 2016

March 25, 2016

I’m sorry for not blogging in the last couple of weeks!  I’ve been busy writing – hurray!  Hopefully I will have a post up next week, but in the meantime here are some Simmer Starters. 🙂

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Laurie Isn’t a Good Guy; He’s a Nice Guy™ (Maddie Rodriguez) – Haha, this is pretty eye-opening!  Although it reads some modern sensibilities into Little Women, which was written in a very different era, it’s still a great set of observations on why Laurie was not the right guy for Jo.

The Reason Every Kid Should Talk Back To Their Parents (Dr. Kelly Flanagan) – Even if you’re horrified at the name of this post, or don’t agree with the worldview behind it, it’s worth a read.

God’s Banquet in Your Desert (Bryce Young) – “Three days out from the pinnacle of the most supernatural display of sovereign election since Noah, and Israel’s most immediate consideration amounts to, ‘Wait, there’s no food?’ … It strikes us — or ought to strike us — with a certain horror only because in it, we read our ordinary disbelief with the skin and tissue pulled back. If our own distrust doesn’t appear so shockingly absurd, it’s only because we’ve stretched over it a tawdry flesh of reasons and explanations to prove we have real grounds to believe God hung us out to dry.”

Boosting Your Prose (A Checklist) – (David Farland) – A great, extensive list of ways to check your book to make sure all the elements of it are strong.

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