Simmer Starters – March 11, 2016

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Hobbies to the Glory of God (Tim Challies) – Love this!! “I believe that it is God himself who makes each of us enthusiastic for different interests and activities. We can embrace these and have no reason to fear them or be embarrassed by them. We can experience joy—God’s own joy, I think—when we follow this enthusiasm to activities that bring us pleasure and satisfaction.”

4 Tips for Writing a Satisfying Ending To Your Story (Stephanie Morrill) – Some great guidelines on leaving your readers with a satisfying conclusion to your book.

God’s Glory Requires Skill (ScribblePreach) – Awesome post about how God raises up the skilled to serve Him with their gifts…contrary to common sentiment, He does not usually raise up the unskilled “in spite of themselves.”

Inside the Heart of God: Holding my Daughter as She Lay Dying (Laura Kelly Fanucci) – Just a beautiful, touching story about the love of God in the midst of suffering. “The lump in my throat escaped into a sob. No. I wanted to do skin-to-skin with two healthy twins ready to nurse. I did not want to do this with a tiny, sick preemie who would die within hours. I wanted anything but this.”

Three Gifts We Need, But Hate to Receive (Christina Fox) – Always a good reminder that all is grace. “We all like to receive gifts. But we must remember that God doesn’t give gifts like we do. He gives us the gifts we need most of all.”

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