Simmer Starters – June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016

Today we’ve got some writing articles, a culture/faith article, and two marriage articles. Enjoy!

Why You Should Stop Searching For Your Authentic Voice (Enchanting Marketing) – This is a fascinating and refreshing look at the topic of finding your writing voice.  “What if you liberate yourself from your search for authenticity? Could you find a voice resonating strongly with your audience because you focus on your readers instead of yourself?”

What’s Your Third Book? (Dan Bal0w) – Why it’s important to have more than one idea stashed away if you want to write professionally.  Also, good advice on finding your writing niche.

In Lieu of ‘In Lieu of Flowers’ (David Greusel) – Love this article for its defense of beauty and why beauty is necessary. “Have you ever sat in a funeral and looked at a big flower arrangement at the front of the sanctuary, and thought, ‘Wow, that must be $300 worth of flowers — that money could have been used to feed a whole lot of hungry people?’ Congratulations. You think just like Judas.”

What the World Needs Now is Better Wine (Lori Roeleveld) – Beautiful article about marriage. “There is a better love than the one I originally offered my spouse. I am now eternally grateful that I ran out of my own watered-down version of love because when I did, I turned to Jesus for a miracle.”

Why Sex Isn’t the Best Thing Ever (Lore Ferguson Wilbert) – This is especially good for singles, but a great reminder for marrieds as well. “When I hear those who are not married say ‘But at least you get to have sex! And live with your best friend!’ Well, first, I’d warn against saying at least in regard to much. But second I want to say your words betray a much, much deeper need…”


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