Simmer Starters – June 13, 2015

June 13, 2015

It’s a day late, but here are my Simmer Starters for the week!  Please do check these out; there are so many good ones this week!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow? (RJ Conte) – This is a beautiful, heartfelt post from my dear friend, about suffering and how we can make peace and quiet into an idol and thereby worship the gift rather than the Giver.  “I was ready to tell the Sovereign Lord of the universe that He had taken enough people, planned enough grief, and allowed enough pain for this year.  That I was going to fight against Him to make sure the entire extended Conte family got a break.  That I would fight for this peace that was my right as a human being.  In my head somewhere, I had a land beyond the rainbow waiting for my family and me. ”

Christlikeness versus Like Christ (Peter Mead) – This is written to pastors, but SO relevant for everyone.  Are we focusing on how Christlike we can be?  Or are we focused on liking Christ (loving Him), and therefore becoming like Him because we adore Him?  “Christlikeness isn’t the goal of preaching for sanctification, it is the fruit.  The goal must be to stir greater love for God that results in greater love for others…”

Jonathan Edwards Would Like to Ask A Few Questions of Your Troubled Soul (Justin Taylor) – Just read this! It’s beautiful and important!  “Are you afraid that He won’t be willing to stoop so low, as to take any gracious notice of you? But then, look on him, as he stood in the ring of soldiers, exposing his blessed face to be buffeted and spit upon, by them!”

Are You Published (Charles Franklin) –  A very encouraging post about why your book isn’t terrible, no matter how many technical problems it has.  “Want to know a secret? You’ve said something in your life that completely affected someone else’s life. Your story will do the same. Somewhere in that terrible manuscript, you’ve written a line or scene that will completely change someone.”

Almonds, Bees, and Monsters – Writing What You Know (Kessie Carroll) – My crit partner and friend has a new book out!  Here’s her blog post talking about the things that inspired her to write Malevolent, a new paranormal romance.  (I’ve read most of it and can’t wait to finish it!)

J.K. Rowling Confirms American Hogwarts Exists (Time) – This is just a fun bit of news from the Harry Potter fandom. 🙂


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