Simmer Starters – January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016


Land Travel Before Engines (Chris Winkle) – This is an incredibly useful article for any author whose characters are going on a journey!  And full of interesting factoids, too…like this one! “It was uncommon for any overland travel to go much faster than human walking speed. That’s because when we’re fit, humans are the epitome of endurance; any animals that move faster than us have to rest sooner.”

Today Is An Anniversary (Greg Morse) – This article is like poetry in the rhythm of the language…heartbreaking poetry that makes me choke to read it, but important to read and remember.

Down’s syndrome people risk ‘extinction’ at the hands of science, fear, and ignorance (Tim Stanley) – This article is pro-choice but raises some beautiful and important points. “The true moral test of a society is not how pretty, sober or well organised it is – but how it treats its most vulnerable, even its most difficult, citizens. And the true sign of grace in a man is his ability to look at something that is supposedly ugly, or just different from himself, and see beauty. Just as one Flemish artist managed to do, 500 years ago.”

An Open Letter on Graphic Imagery in Pro-Life Activism (Caitlin Marchand) – I thought this was very well-put and thoughtful, and I agree with her.  Usually such imagery is not necessary and counterproductive to valuing human life.  (But sometimes it’s helpful to use pictures to understand atrocity, like we do with photos and museums of the Holocaust.)

I Won’t Apologize for the Great Life I Portray on Facebook (Lynne Meredith Golodner) – Some good food for thought here. “My kid pictures are funny faces and fancy outfits, all of us hugging it up in some silly way. I don’t record the moments when I’m yelling at them or they’re yelling at me because I don’t want to stay in those moments – and I’m surely not inviting you into them.”

Nikabrik’s Candidate (Gina Dalfonzo) – An apt comparison between why some conservatives support Trump and some dwarves wanted to bring back the White Witch…

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