Simmer Starters – Jan. 23, 2015

Welcome to a new feature on the Simmering Mind!  (Well, really more of a resurrected feature.)

Every Friday I will post a collection of links that got me thinking or woke up my imagination that week.  They might be related to writing, faith, science, sci-fi and fantasy, or fiction in general, and occasionally parenting or other tertiary topics.  I hope you enjoy this new feature!

Recent Simmer Starters

Medieval History: Why Are the Middle Ages Often Characterized As Dark Or Less Civilized? (Slate) – This is a neat article debunking some common misconceptions about the “dark ages.”

Most Anticipated Sci-Fi / Fantasy Movies of 2015-2017 (Fantasy Faction) – I had no idea some of these movies were being made/planned, or that some of them were coming out so soon!  I’m looking forward to a bunch of these.  Epic is definitely “in” and in full swing right now…and that makes me happy.

Interview with Kathy Tyers (Enclave Publishing Blog) – A talk with the author of Firebird, one of my favoritest books/series in the world, containing some of my favoritest characters in the world! One of the strongest heroines, and the only fictional man who was ever “swoon-worthy” to me as well as being epically awesome (*blush* Did I just admit that?).

The Value of Happily Ever After (StoryWarren) – A lovely post about the value and importance of fairy tales.  “In a culture that staunchly holds facts as supreme, waving wands and ladders of golden tresses had been relegated to the rubbish heap, along with our grandmothers’ other silly beliefs. Fairy tales apparently had no credibility and had been sentenced to literary irrelevance. This was all very alarming to me.”

“Writer’s Block” by Amy Deardon (Ralene Burke’s blog) – Some useful quotes about writer’s block and tips to combat it!

Get Rid of On-The-Nose Dialogue Once and For All (K.M. Weiland) – Important tip for writers!  “Simply put, on-the-nose dialogue is dialogue that says exactly what it means–nothing more and nothing less…”

P.S.  The Simmering Mind has a lovely new header image this week!  If you’re reading this on an RSS feed or in an email, you will have to click through to the website to see it.

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  1. love the new feature, Bethany! I’ve seen several authors use this on their blog, or send it out in a weekly/monthly newsletter. These articles look really interesting (I will have to revisit some of them later). love the new header image too!

    • I love when bloggers share links! It’s such a great way to discover new blogs and sites, and know what kind of things that blogger finds fascinating, too…chances are, if I like what they blog about, I’ll like the links they give. So I’m excited to start doing my own link roundup again. 🙂

  2. I had to check out the new movies! 🙂

  3. Kessie

     /  January 23, 2015

    Great articles! I just sat here and stared at the new movies for a while, trying to figure out what half of them were. :-p


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