Simmer Starters – February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015

I don’t have as many links today as usual, but a couple of them are lengthy.  Enjoy!

How To Break Through Small Talk and Turn Strangers Into Friends (Puttylike.com) – I hate small talk, but I stink at breaking through it to deeper topics with people I don’t know very well!  I’m determined to study how great conversationalists do it, and grow in this ability, so I enjoyed this article.  It accurately pegs fear and insecurity as the root cause behind shallow conversation.

Bible Study: Death and the Naked Man (For Glory and For Beauty) – This is a neat new blog studying the role and symbolism of clothing throughout Scripture.  This post focuses on Adam and Eve with their fig leaves, and the skins God gave them instead.  “We cannot manufacture any style, color, or fabric that is good enough to put us right with God. There have been many, many people over the years who have tried to do this, but it’s impossible. God desires our obedience. And if we are not leaning on Him for our salvation, no hem will be long enough, no color sober enough, no jeans ragged enough to protect us from His wrath.  It didn’t work for Adam and Eve, and it won’t work for us.”

The Real Reason 50 Shades is So Wildly Popular (LifeSite News) – This is a thoughtful and hopeful theory about 50 Shades, Twilight, and other shallow, abusive romance stories.

I Know God Loves Me, But Does He Like Me? (The Blazing Center) – “When Jesus first saved me I believed God forgave my sins. Gradually I came to believe God loved me. But perhaps because of my upbringing or my own lack of affection for others I wasn’t sure God liked me.”

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