Simmer Starters – August 8, 2015

Putting together this Simmer Starters while I wait for my car inspection!  😀  We’ve got faith, fiction, and family links today. Enjoy!

Be a Human Infusion of Hope (Jon Bloom, DesiringGod blog) – LOVE this.  Now I’ve been praying for God to make me a Barnabas!  “Joseph was called Barnabas most likely because he had an eye trained to see the grace of God in whatever happened. No matter what theological controversy or persecution or financial crisis or criticism or failure, Barnabas had a resilient hope in God. When some threat discouraged his friends, he would consistently remind them of God’s promises in such a contagiously hopeful way that their courage would revive.  And that’s what we want to be like. We need to be Barnabas people.”

Gentle Selfishness (The Christian Pundit) – Ouch.  Read this one.  You’ll regret it, like I did, but it’ll be good for us. 😉

15 Wisdom Principles on Deciding When to Stop Having Children (Deepak Reju) – Relevant for me.  Hopefully it will be a good one for some of you too!

This Is Why I Am Pro-Life, Not Just Anti-Abortion (Everyone Needs a Little Grace) – “The pro-choice position is exclusive.  It says that some people don’t measure up, don’t make the cut.  They don’t qualify for the rights of personhood.  By contrast, the pro-life position is inclusive.  If you are a member of the human race, you’re ‘in.’  You have the dignity and status of a full member of the moral community.” – Nancy Pearcey

Focus on the Family (Christ and Pop Culture) – I appreciated this interesting article talking about raising bold, courageous daughters.  “I do not want her to be polite to him, to acquiesce to his charms or flattery. I do not want her to have to smile awkwardly at his jokes or flirtations, I do not want her to make herself small to make even more room for him. I do not ever want her to feel alone, as though she is the only one responsible for keeping herself safe.”

Troubleshooting When You’re Stuck (Mythcreants) – Tips for writer’s block.

How to Plot a Series Without Driving Yourself Insane (Rachel Aaron) – I plan on implementing some of these awesome tips very soon!

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  1. Kessie

     /  August 8, 2015

    Choosing to stop having kids? HAHAHA, I never decided to have the ones I have! What is this “choice” they speak of?

  2. Looking up a lot of these!


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