Simmer Starters – August 15, 2015

We have quite a few links today!  Publishing, introversion, culture and politics, some humor, and the history of bathrooms all make an appearance here.

What It’s Like When You Publish a Book (Nicholas MacDonald) – Interesting thoughts on what it’s like to finally get published, and some great musings on humility.  Favorite quote: “People who do great things for God aren’t God’s favorites. They’re just people. And honestly, when you look carefully, you’ll see most of the people God used lived extraordinarily painful lives. While we’re all asking, ‘Why him?’ he or she’s probably asking the same thing: ‘Why me?’ ”

We’re All Sadists Now (Carl R. Truman) – Fascinating viewpoint here.  “This is somewhat ironic: The age which denies any real significance to sex also wants to argue that sexual desires are of paramount importance to personal identity and fulfillment.”

The Coddling of the American Mind (The Atlantic) – This topic…just…SIGH.  The infantilization of college-age adults never ceases to amaze me.

Pull the Mask off of Fear (Kristin Tabb) – I gleaned some useful things from this article about confronting fear.  Sunscreen is my nemesis and this is exactly why!  Cancer if ya do, cancer if ya don’t. 😛  And I often let this fear bully me into simply not taking my kids outside(!), and I’d never noticed how pervasive it was.  This article was simple but it’ll simmer for a long time, I think.

Why the Modern Bathroom Is a Wasteful, Unhealthy Design (Lloyd Alter) – Maybe it’s just the worldbuilder in me, but I found this long article interesting, especially for speculation about the past and future of bathrooms and how different cultures handle their toileting needs.

How an Introvert Makes a Phone Call (Paula Ramm) – Hilarious truth here. 😛

Words You Won’t Believe Have Been Turned Into Baby Names (Nameberry) – I just found this amusing.  Apparently eight little boys born last year were named “Awesome”…

I love to hear your thoughts!

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