Simmer Starters – 2.1.2012

Some posts in the blogosphere that I have enjoyed recently.

Why Should Christ-Followers Read Fiction?A good article addressing many of the common objections to reading fiction.  “But it’s all lies,” “But they distract us from doing work for the Kingdom”, etc.  It puts novels on sort of a “higher plane”, but I’d contest that arguments against watching films and other forms of art could be addressed this way as well!

Pondering Psalm 139More thoughts on my favorite psalm!  This posting is written by a woman born with a disability, and it is a joy to read!  God plans all things perfectly.

Solid Joys and Lasting Pleasures – I love these excellent thoughts from Doug Wilson.  “The world is that which enables us to see God’s glory, and those who try to help this process along by treating the world as ephemeral and wispy are making a great mistake. The world does not need to be diluted to help God’s glory shine through. Do you glorify the jeweler by smashing the diamonds?”

I love to hear your thoughts!

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