Sabbath Joy: The Love of Christ

A deep but beautiful commentary on the love of our Saviour.

“[Christ’s] love is free, without any motive. His love is great, without any measure. His love is constant, without any change. And His love is everlasting, without any end.

It was the love of Christ which brought Him down from heaven, which veiled His divinity in a human soul and body, which put upon Him the form of a servant, which exposed Him to contempt, reproach, and many indignities. It was love which made Him subject to hunger, thirst, sorrow, and many human infirmities, which humbled Him unto death, even the painful and ignominious death of the cross. And when out of love He had finished the work of redemption on earth, as to what was needful by way of satisfaction, it was His love which carried Him back to heaven where He was before, so that He might make application of what He had purchased; that there He might make intercession for those whom He had redeemed and prepare a place for them, even glorious mansions with Himself in the house not made with hands, which is eternal in the heavens. … If you are espoused to Christ, He is yours – all that He is and all that He has.” – Thomas Vincent, English Puritan preacher

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