Pro-Lifers, Let’s Be an Unstoppable Owl Brigade

August 20, 2015

You know that scene in the first Harry Potter story, when Harry starts getting his letters from Hogwarts?  His aunt and uncle won’t let him keep or see any of the notes.  Each time one arrives they shred it, confiscate it, smash it, burn it in the fire.

Until one day Owl Post bombards their house with a billion letters.

They can’t look away anymore.  They can’t stop the owls.  They leave the house entirely to get away (only to be found by Hagrid!).

It occurred to me that this is what we pro-life advocates need to be right now.

We need to be like an Owl Post against abortion.

The media tries as hard as possible to stuff this story down.  Pro-choice advocates wave them off because “Planned Parenthood said they were lies”…’cuz there’s a trustworthy source on this controversy…they don’t have ANYTHING to lose! 😛

They’re hoping if they ignore this scandal long enough, the pro-life crowd will get bored of it and meander off to other topics.

Not listening. Not listening! I can’t heeeeear youuuuu…

Even some who oppose abortion refuse to support these video stings because deception was involved…’cuz the means invalidate the evidence?

Many, many voices (even pro-lifers) are saying we have to tread carefully here because Planned Parenthood provides “necessary services” too, and we don’t want to take those away from women…’cuz inconveniencing people with a little extra cost or a longer drive to get mammograms and birth control isn’t a cost America’s ready to pay, I see.

It’s like a Facebook page saying, “If I get 10,000 likes my dad will quit smoking!”

Yeah, sure! *like*

But: “If I can get American women to find another place for their reproductive health services, Planned Parenthood will stop cutting babies apart!”

Nah. I’ll pass.  Planned Parenthood is just so cheap and convenient for American women!

My heart grieves.

“Millions severed.”

Pro-lifers, this is the best opportunity since Roe vs. Wade passed!

We have a chance to be a part of one of the greatest achievements for human rights since the end of slavery.  If you believe abortion is the taking of an innocent life, if aborting a child in such a way that you can harvest their organs while they’re still warm is deplorable, if the act of slicing a baby’s face with scissors to get out his brain while his little heart is still beating is appalling and turns your stomach – SPEAK OUT.

We need to keep shoving these “letters” in the world’s face.  We need to drown the internet with our posts, links, videos, articles, and tweets.  Fill the house!  Send the Dursleys packing!

And we can’t do that unless we all use our voices (and our written words) to SPEAK UP.  Watch the videos, if you can stomach them.  Read the articles.  Find the facts.  SHARE.  And pray!

Don’t shut up.  Don’t back down.  Raise that flag high!  We are on “the right side of history.”

Let’s be an unstoppable owl brigade.


  1. Excellent, Bethamy! Yes, let’s do this!

  2. Yes!!

  3. I love this! You said it all so well!

  4. Amen – yes!!!

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