No Tuesday Ramblings?

January 24, 2012

Today is Tuesday!  So there should be a Ramblings, no?

Well…here’s the thing.  I’ve gradually come to realize that Tuesday is a terrible day for me to blog.  It’s the day I go grocery shopping (“fooding”, as we say in my family) and so all my free time and computer time on Tuesday is taken up by planning the weekly menu – which can take all day, especially when one is navigating through pregnancy cravings and aversions!

So, until further notice, Tuesday Ramblings will become Thursday Ramblings!  Expect a wayward rambling Thursday…but I will give a tiny update now.

Reading This Week: Nothing, very sadly.  I still have Divergent, but I plan to return it to the library tomorrow because I highly doubt I’ll ever get back into it.  I’m kind of sad about that.

Writing This Week: I’m dying to write TKT!  And my mind keeps creeping toward Daik 11.  But today I am working on a new chapter of The Queen in the Wooden Box, because it’s been several weeks since Christmas and I’m sure my cousins are eager for a new installment!



  1. Congratulations, Bethany!
    Looking forward to more of The Queen in the Wooden Box!

  2. Yes, me too! You said it’s a bit like Pandora’s Box. It also reminds me, just a little, of part of Ella Enchanted. 🙂

    • How does it remind you of Ella Enchanted? (I love that book, by the way!) Is it the general tone of the writing itself, or an element of the story?

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