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Thursday (Friday) Ramblings – 2.4.2012

Oops!  I missed it again!  Oh dear…this isn’t going to become a habit, is it?  I’m usually so good about these things… Reading and Writing This Week: This week has been a bit crazy, so I haven’t done much reading or writing.  However, I did receive my copy of Auralia’s Colors and have gone a […]

Thursday Ramblings – 1.26.12

Thursday is the new Tuesday! Writing This Week: I am currently pounding out a new chapter of The Queen in the Wooden Box.  I’ve been wanting to TKT (yes, I do use that as a verb…years of TKTing has caused that), but my priority this week is cousin-pleasing!  Although, I suppose, I don’t know exactly […]

No Tuesday Ramblings?

Today is Tuesday!  So there should be a Ramblings, no? Well…here’s the thing.  I’ve gradually come to realize that Tuesday is a terrible day for me to blog.  It’s the day I go grocery shopping (“fooding”, as we say in my family) and so all my free time and computer time on Tuesday is taken […]

Tuesday Ramblings Late 1.4.12 – One Day Late

Oops. It’s Wednesday now (and it will be Thursday in 15 minutes). So I suppose these are actually Wednesday Ramblings. But here they be! Reading this week: Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. It has completely distracted me from Divergent, which I have renewed for the second time. (I’m not sure I’ll ever finish that […]

Tuesday Ramblings 12.28.11

I hope your Christmas was merry!  Ours was delightful, and I am very much enjoying my new Kindle, a gift from my wonderful, generous husband!  As much as I love real books, e-readers have fascinated me for a long time (when I was younger I thought I had invented the idea for my book…haha).  I […]