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Writing for Young Children

Last year I sent my young cousins a leather-bound volume of all seven Narnia books for Christmas.  They were almost the right age for the stories, and to my delight they were read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe this past year, and loved it – so much so that my younger cousin had a […]

Tuesday Ramblings 12.13.11

I apologize for not writing more often. This week has been pretty busy, what with Christmas coming, a cranky baby, and the excitement of a new for-fun story project that has kept me up to late night hours typing away. Stuck in my head today: The Firefly theme song. “You can’t take the sky from […]

Captivation and Captivity

Contrary to how it may sound, this posting is not about a Jane Austen book. (Sorry.  😀  Doesn’t it sound like that, though?  Wow, if that was a Jane Austen book, I’d want to read it – it sounds epic.  Okay, moving on in all seriousness…) Lately I’ve been thinking about the way stories take […]

Simmer Starters 11/28

Things from today’s newsfeed that captured my interest… The Art of Play – I much enjoyed this inspiring post at The Rabbit Room about creativity, children, and the importance of enjoying one’s creative work. “I will defend and defend the belief that the deepest reality of human life that we must impress upon children is not that […]