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Simmer Starters – May 15, 2015

Oh my goodness, SO many good and interesting links came my way this past week!  So there are some great Simmer Starters today.  Lots of variety here. You Are God’s Workmanship (Jon Bloom at DesiringGod) – Ahhh, I love almost everything from Jon Bloom on this site, and this article I especially adore.  “When Paul says […]

For Writers: Pros and Cons of Using Myers-Briggs

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that I’m a fan of Myers-Briggs typology, and enjoy applying the theory to my characters and writing.  But lately I’ve also noticed some downsides to writing with MBTI in mind, so I wanted to share my thoughts on what makes it a useful – or […]

7 Ways Your Characters Might Be Weak (And 11 Ways to Fix Them!)

I’ve been working on my science-fiction trilogy for almost ten years now.  (Whew, it seems like an eternity!)  I started writing it at fourteen years old, and often dreamed of being like Christopher Paolini and becoming a famous published teenager. Now, looking back, I am so, SO glad I didn’t get published back then! My story, my […]

How Myers-Briggs Typology Became My Worst Nightmare (But I Still Love It)

My worst nightmares are boring, repetitive dreams that seem to last forever.  In them, I’m stuck on a thought and cannot escape it no matter how hard I try.  Often I’m trying to analyze a problem or solve a riddle, and it’s impossible, but my brain is trapped studying the impossible thing over and over […]