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The Influence of Other Stories on The Kraesinia Trilogy

I grew up on stories. I could name them all for you, all the stories I imbibed and adored and obsessed over in my childhood and later in my teens, all the fandoms my siblings and I lived in.  (There are far more than represented in this list!) Without a doubt, they influenced my storytelling, […]

#WIPjoy March 2016

I’ll be a bit busier on Twitter this month than usual…because it’s time for another #WIPjoy!!  #JanuaryWIPjoy was so much fun that I decided to make it a bimonthly challenge.  Any and ALL authors with a work-in-progress are invited to participate!  This is a great way to increase enthusiasm for your WIP and share inspiration […]

How God Used My Fictional Character to Teach Me True Things

What if our characters are real?  What if they are actually the souls of unborn children who died before birth, and God gives them to authors as inspiration for characters in our stories?  What if we will meet all our characters someday in heaven? When I came up with that fun fictional concept last week, I […]


I’m usually kind of timid about sharing about my work now that I’m an adult. (But what if people think I’m a showoff? Eeep!) And I’m even more timid about sharing my old, amateur artwork. *gulp* But just for once I am going to shout, “Who cares! I LOVE MY BOOK and I’m going to […]

I’m Published!

Hurray!!  Today is a long-anticipated day for me.  My first published story is now available to read in the newly released April issue of Havok Magazine!!  *squee!* The theme of the issue is “Crossover Chaos,” combining speculative genres into unique and unexpected tales.  I was super excited to see this cover for the first time […]