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What Really Happens When You Set Aside a WIP After 10 Years of Revisions

An Autobiography of the Past 7 Months in GIF Form Last June I set aside the trilogy I’d been striving to revise for 10+ years, because I could no longer see the forest for the trees and it had problems I could not see a way to fix. It’s gone about like this… Step One: First, […]

Simmer Starters and News – December 12, 2016

Hello, friends!  My blog has been rather quiet lately. Awhile back I stopped posting the Simmer Starters because I noticed not a lot of people are interested in them…but I found that I miss sharing cool links! 😛 I’ve decided to pick up the practice again, but post only when I have a collection of […]

Pressing On

Part of the reason I haven’t blogged in several weeks is because I’ve been busy writing hard – or planning hard.  My brain has been busy, and half the time lost in Kraesinia. But this past week has changed a lot of things. It would take a long time to explain it all, and I […]

Sparks and Ash: Nano Fiction Runner-Up in the Progeny Contest

“I’ve taken your family.  Your things.  Your memories.  Nothing left but your tattered skin.  I’d kill you…”  My enemy straightens.  “Why bother killing a nobody?” Click here on the link to read the rest of my nano fiction story, “Sparks and Ash,” published on the Splickety Publishing Group’s Lightning Blog. The theme for this contest […]

News Lately!

Unintentional blogging hiatus… I’m so sorry, readers.  It has been several weeks, and…no official blog posts!  I even forgot to put together a Simmer Starters last week!  Argh.  I hope to be back on the ball soon.  I have a few different threads of thought simmering which I’m eager to put to words. 😀 Writing […]