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Simmer Starters – July 25, 2015

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately!  My brain has been totally absorbed with new baby and family stuff and I haven’t had a lot of mental bandwidth for writing articles, barely adding a sentence or two to my book every few days!  But I try to keep up my Simmer Starters, because they […]

When God Says “As You Wish”

Last week I was chatting with a friend about parenting struggles.  She has a child who had gotten addicted to TV, and she had to do the hard work of cutting back screen time.  Not only was it upsetting to the child, but it was hard on Mom too!  Now she has to entertain the […]

Simmer Starters – June 26, 2015

Lots of writing and parenting-related Simmer Starters today!  Enjoy. Parenting 001 (Kevin DeYoung) – “Does it seem like parenting has gotten more complicated? I mean, as far as I can tell, back in the day parents basically tried to feed their kids, clothe them, and keep them away from explosives. Now our kids have to sleep […]

Use Your Words

My oldest daughter will be three late this summer, and she is going through a definite “terrible twos” phase right now. All of life is a meltdown waiting to happen!  Sometimes – often – I’m not even sure what she’s upset about because she’s been crying and angry about a continuous string of things all […]

“It Just Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas!”

One of the hard things about married life has been adjusting to the fact that holiday traditions – especially Christmas ones – will never be the same again.  I will never get to go back to the Christmas Days I enjoyed growing up. I don’t get cozy new jammies and a book from my parents […]