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Simmer Starters – April 17, 2015

Here are the Simmer Starters for this week!  Lots of links today… Are You Weak Enough for God to Use You? (J.D. Greer) – Thoughts about the story of Gideon and God using us in our weakness.  “…Periodically, God will step into our lives and reduce the size of our army, because he wants us to […]

Simmer Starters – March 20, 2015

Happy first day of spring, everybody!!  My favorite season. 🙂  And now for some controversial Simmer Starter links to start your weekend – hahaha. You Don’t Have to be Pretty – on YA Fiction and Beauty as a Priority (The Belle Jar) – There’s a lot of discussion about gender in YA fiction these days.  I […]

Simmer Starters – Feb. 20, 2015

In this week’s Simmer Starters, there are lots of links about literature and the state of fiction. Why are Christian Movies So Painfully Bad? (Brandon Ambrosino) – Even if you don’t think Christian movies are all bad, there are some fascinating quotes in here about common problems in Christian storytelling.  “It isn’t problematic that Christians ‘borrow […]

5 Things I Want Aspiring Young Authors to Know

This post is for the young writers of the world! And I admit it – technically I’m still a “young writer” myself.  I’m not even a quarter of a century old yet!  😛  But I’m thinking specifically of the teen and preteen writers among us. Guys, I’ve been where you are now.  It was one […]

10+ Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for Christian Teens and Young Adults

Looking beyond classics like The Lord of the Rings, or beyond bestsellers like The Hunger Games?  Looking for books with a Christian worldview or clean reads?  This list might help. Maybe you’re a young adult searching for some great new stories in the speculative genre – or maybe you’re a parent trying to keep your voracious reader’s hands […]