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The Chadwick Chronicles, Chapter 7

Since I had my baby on Sunday, H.L. Burke kindly filled in for my slot this week, so head on over to her blog to read the newest installment! If you need to catch up or you’re new to the hot potato story, check out the link roundup below.  Follow the hashtags #hotpotatostory and #chadwickchronicles […]

Simmer Starters – June 5, 2015

The baby is here!!  I’m busy smooching, and feeding, and diaper changing, and cuddling, and feeding, and feeding the little bundle of love.  But, I have some great Simmer Starters to share this week, too.  Enjoy! Failure Only Exists If You Let It (Karin Beery at Ralene Burke’s blog) – An important reminder that we can […]

The Liebster Award

(This post isn’t going out until Monday, but as I write this I’m currently in labor with my fourth baby.  Yay!  Blog updates in coming weeks may be sporadic.) Fellow blogger and writer Heather L.L. Fitzgerald kindly nominated me for this award!  Thank you, friend!!  Heather blogs fantastic musings about literature, short fiction, and updates about her […]