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I’m Published!

Hurray!!  Today is a long-anticipated day for me.  My first published story is now available to read in the newly released April issue of Havok Magazine!!  *squee!* The theme of the issue is “Crossover Chaos,” combining speculative genres into unique and unexpected tales.  I was super excited to see this cover for the first time […]

Simmer Starters – April 17, 2015

Here are the Simmer Starters for this week!  Lots of links today… Are You Weak Enough for God to Use You? (J.D. Greer) – Thoughts about the story of Gideon and God using us in our weakness.  “…Periodically, God will step into our lives and reduce the size of our army, because he wants us to […]

Use Your Words

My oldest daughter will be three late this summer, and she is going through a definite “terrible twos” phase right now. All of life is a meltdown waiting to happen!  Sometimes – often – I’m not even sure what she’s upset about because she’s been crying and angry about a continuous string of things all […]

Introducing – A Hot Potato Story!

Three fellow writers and I are creating a “hot potato” story!  It will be tossed around between us, with new installments each Saturday on our respective blogs.  You can follow along here (I’ll link to their installments each week too), or follow all our blogs, and be on the watch for hashtags #chroniclesofchadwick and #hotpotatostory […]

Simmer Starters – April 10, 2015 (Plus an Excerpt From My Book!)

I don’t have many links today, but I’ve been doing lots of writing this week – hurray!  Down below the Simmer Starters I’m putting a short excerpt from my work-in-progress, for your interest and reading. 🙂 What it’s Like to Be Laughed at on the Internet (Amy Salloway) – A great reminder to all of us […]