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Funny Things on the Internet – Would Jesus LOL?

The other day I saw a BuzzFeed list of “Things to Make You Want to Burn Down the Internet.” It was full of jaw-dropping spelling and grammar mistakes, and shocking ignorance – like a person asking if the rain fell up in Australia since it’s on the bottom side of the earth. I got some […]

Simmer Starters – February 6, 2015

Are You Fighting the Sin of Comparison? (TrueWoman) – This is relevant to writers, moms, and ANYONE!  “As a writer, I may say something in such a way that a specific woman has ears to hear. However, a different woman may actually need the voice of another friend of mine who writes in a different style. […]

10+ Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for Christian Teens and Young Adults

Looking beyond classics like The Lord of the Rings, or beyond bestsellers like The Hunger Games?  Looking for books with a Christian worldview or clean reads?  This list might help. Maybe you’re a young adult searching for some great new stories in the speculative genre – or maybe you’re a parent trying to keep your voracious reader’s hands […]